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Leeds City Council has designated Kirkstall Neighbourhood Forum (KNF) to prepare the Neighbourhood Plan for Kirkstall ward. This plan will give residents better control over town planning, and more influence over Council spending. Everybody who lives, works or does business in Kirkstall ward is welcome to take part. How to join

Public Meetings

Our last Public Meeting was our AGM on Wednesday 29 January 2020 in Leeds Postal Sports Association Club, Beecroft Street, Leeds LS5 3AS. Click here to download the Agenda for the meeting.

The AGM elected a Board to manage day-to-day business between Public Meetings. The main function of the Board is to promote future Public Meetings, where all our important policy decisions are taken.

Unfortunately the Covid-19 lockdown has made it temporarily impossible to arrange further meetings in accordance with our constitution. Like many other organisations we must wait until the government relaxes the rules to the point where we can hold legitimate meetings and move the job forwards. All our members will be notified as soon as business can be resumed.

Public Consultation

The Council has designated KNF as an official consultee for all planning applications in Kirkstall Ward. Members can comment where they chose, but we expect that a few high-profile applications will attract most of the interest.

Recently the Artisan housing application in the Kirkstall District Centre has attracted attention for all the wrong reasons. It is now important for the Forum to express a view. To learn more, please click the "Consult" button on the navigation bar (above), or click here for a similar effect.

Public Engagement

The Forum must show that it has made a genuine attempt to engage with all the residents in Kirkstall Ward, and show that many local residents are aware of, and support, the Forum's policies.

We will therefore organise a series of local Public Engagement meetings throughout Kirkstall ward, to which all residents will be invited. Our objective is to engage constructively with as many people as possible, and maximise public participation in the Forum's activities.

KNF Quick Guide:

Here is a brief guide to KNF. This shows our current policies, which could all be modified at our future public meetings, if our members wish. Click here to read our full story.

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